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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Eliminate the Distractions pulling you away from your purpose, By Rita Oluchi Obi

We've all had that moment in life where we've told ourselves over and over again "this time I'm going to get it done!” But as soon as we start working towards that goal or the betterment of yourself, distractions get in the way.

It may be an argument a few days ago with one of your friends or family members, your social media feeds filled with too many imposters or text messages from an annoying old boo refusing to let you move on. You've gone from being extremely ambitious to quickly obsessing over minor matters that are not contributing to your growth at all! 
We have to remain strong and focused ladies! Your experiences and relationships play a significant role in shaping your future. So it's extremely important for us to be careful with who and what we invest our time in.  Below are four ways you can weed out the distractions in your life 

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1.    Recognize what your distractions are

Every time you want to pursue a goal, what gets in the way? Is it family members constantly nagging you about everything, friends thinking that your life revolves around theirs, on and off relationships with men, or images on social media having you think your life sucks?  Write your distractions down in a journal and develop practical ways for you to avoid each one.   

2.    Stop entertaining toxic friendships 

Stop entertaining friendships that aren't pushing you to be better. Surround yourself with individuals who inspire you, bend over backwards for you, and see the potential in you to be greater. It's that simple. If you're friends aren't helping you become the best version of yourself, let them go! Dead weight will weigh you down! But positivity will propel you towards greatness. 

3.    Use more of your free time to participate in activities that will contribute to perfecting your craft
Quit investing so much time in activities that aren't enhancing your life. You have so many goals, yet you're turning up every week, traveling all over the world or looking for the next boo to go on a date with. Do these things in moderation. Indulge in these activities AFTER you've accomplished a major goal on your list. Look at it as a way of rewarding yourself after a period of working extremely hard.  These activities will only bring you joy temporarily. But spending your free time perfecting your craft, improving your business plan, or networking with likeminded individuals will draw you a       step closer to your goal.

4.    Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize!
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When I pursue my goals, I remind myself that I have no time for political correctness or disclaiming every single sentence      so as to not “offend” anyone. I know I have to focus on doing everything possible to become the best version of myself. If that means I have to limit my time with certain people, and even exclude a few more, then that is exactly what I’m going to do. Why? Well, because I've made the goal of fulfilling my purpose my number one priority. 

Are you doing everything within your power to fulfill your goals? Are you devoting time to pursuing your goals? Are you     committed? Have you made any sacrifices? If your answer is no, then your goals are not a priority! 

This part of your life sets the bar for how high you will go in life? You know hard you've worked mentally, spiritually, and    emotionally to get where you currently are in life. So quit allowing temporary distractions to pull you away from permanent success. How will you ever be able to hear God or see your purpose, when your mind’s crowded?

Rita Obi, MPH is the founder of @buildingyou, a consulting business that works with nonprofit startups to develop programs, workshops, and events suitable to their persona, in an effort to secure funding. She has over 7 years of experience providing consulting services and training to nonprofits startups in areas of program planning and fundraising. She has served organizations in New York such as Children's Hospital At Montefiore, New York City Food Policy Center and organizations in Nigeria such as UR4 Africa and Head Start Private School . Rita is also a humanitarian and entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of the educational nonprofit organization, @korfoundation, , a nonprofit organization that provides social and academic support to students in rural villages of Nigeria and the U.S Marketing Executive Director for @crystalcourtlekki, a luxury hotel in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria.
Find her on her Instagram page @oluchi_ob

Networking and Building your Circle of Influence, By Amanda Kay

Starting and running a business as well as in our professional careers, it’s wise to always network and make connections anywhere at any time. It allows you to talk and discuss with potential business partners, clients and customers, make new friends that can help you grow in business as well as in your personal life.

Networking is a big deal, how else can you expect to meet new people who can help your business by either mentoring or at least put you in touch with potential business partners.Networking is actually fun and great for sharing ideas, gain exposure and connections with other networks, it helps increase your confidence, it raises your profile as being visible, getting noticed and even results in opportunities which are all benefits.

Expanding your network helps increase your knowledge, meet new people who could help you reaches your goal and expands your reach.Always be prepared for networking and make great first impressions.

Here are ways to get you started on networking and building lasting relationships:

1. Be more active on social media: spend time on your social media platforms searching and connecting with new people all the time.

2. Join professional networks: join networks and movements that create a platform for networking and discussions. It is a way to build friendships and show people that you’re interested and smart.

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3. Have an elevator pitch and business cards ready: a first impression goes a long way, make surewhat you say to others about either yourself or your business catchy, fun and authentic. Also giveout remarkable cards with fancy designs and cut without too many information.

4. Volunteering/Collaborate: volunteer to stay involved and visible. It opens your mind and yournetwork to new possibilities. Collaborate to serve others, a willingness to collaborate is essential in building trust and establish strong relationships. These are also ways to give back.

5. Hosts events/attend events: hosting or organizing events immediately positioned you as aleader people will want to speak with and get to know. It looks good on your resume. Attendnetworking events and meet the right people that can build business or friendly relationships with.

6. Reconnect and ask members of your current network for referrals and introductions: the easiestway to meet new friends is to leverage your current network. Lunches and dates are useful whenyour friends have the same networking goals in mind and want to pool their efforts with you.Don’t be shy to ask them to introduce you to new friends. Be bold and take the chance.

7. Your personified/build your brand: be authentic and approachable, faking it isn’t sustainable.Stand out of the crowd with your uniqueness. Create something that people can attach you to likehashtags. Have a positive attitude, it makes people want to cooperate and associate with yourbrand.

8.Always try to make new friends: be friendly, fun and smart. People will forget what you said ordid but will never forget how you made them feel. Our success in networking depends on howwell we can listen and learn, the faster you both learn and know from each other, the faster you’llestablish a valuable relationship. Listening to people will enable you to help make theconnections they seek.

 Amanda Kay, a young African woman based in Sierra Leone exploring business, Africa, innovation and feminism.  She is a writer and a social entrepreneur becoming part of Africa's growth story. She enjoys being alone minding her business, eating indomie and sharing her #black girl magic. Find her on Instagram @Nyapui

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